We can provide our fascias and soffits in a variety of colours to suit your previous gutting or if you’re looking for a new style. Including white to give that modern and stylish look or Rosewood, Light Oak, mahogany and black to give more of a traditional look and many more colours. As well as different colours, we can also provide you with a variety of styles in order to make the perfect match.



Our flagship fascia board style is a classic look that also provides strength and durability.

Our Ogee style offering a contemporary look does not lack on performance.

Our curved edge fascia board other wise known as bull nosed is designed to suit any home.



Our flat style soffit board prevents damp build up and protects the rafters from rot, with our flagship soffit boards.

Our vented style soffit board is simple, clean and can be enhanced with more vents to ensure constant airflow to the loft area.

Our hollow style soffit board is a light weight and cost effective soffit, which can also be fitted with vents to maintain airflow within.